EMC 2011 – the story so far…

Thouroughly enjoying the EMC conference. I didn’t join last year but after viewing the DVD set of last years event I knew I couldn’t miss this one. Highlights so far – Dani DaOrtiz presenting a masterful lesson on using attitude in card magic – valuable information for any cardman, Chris Power and JJ talking about Opus magazine, David Britlands’ talk on Chan Canasta and Paul Daniels talk on grasping opportunities which I thought I’d dislike but found it very fascinating.

I was looking forward most to the Opus talk and it was great to hear Chris and JJ discussing the magazine and telling some funny stories of conventions past. Although the talk seemed less polished than some of the others (JJ relied heavily on reading from notes) it was still very informative and will have hopefully inspired magicians to track down the magazine. Listening to their talk whilst also at the moment reading the magazine made me appreciate is more than someone who has not read an issue before. Opus magazine is by far the best magic magazine I’ve ever read – hands down. More on Opus soon…


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