So much to read…so little time!

I am currently going through a British magic magazine phase alongside the JK Hartman revival. Managed to pickup some Opus magazines which are fantastic. The articles are incredible and there’s lots of interesting information and reviews. The magazine seems to have been on the rebel side – honestly reporting on competitions and the state of the magic scene at that time – it’s great reading. Opus looks set to resurrect with Chris Power and JJ attending the EMC – in fact anyone who signs up to the EMC will receive a PDF of the first volume of Opus!


4 Responses to So much to read…so little time!

  1. Adam Bell says:

    You ? Dusty old mags and books ? Surely not Kev,heres me thinking you was an Ellusionist bitch.Ha ha!
    Yup I concur,iv read a few of those,a great read,they didnt pull any punches………

  2. Kevin says:

    I do like the occasional old magazine or book…..but I’m still an Ellusionist bitch at heart!

  3. You’ve got the best stuff hiding away at the bottom! 😉

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