The card case

Just stumbled across a great trick from JK Hartman’s After Craft “Just In Case” is a fantastic card in case routine -the effect is that the spectators card is inserted into the centre of the pack which has been placed in the case and the case given to the spectator to hold. The magician pulls the card case away from the spectators hand and the selected card ends up face up in their hand – it has seemingly penetrated the case and also somehow turned face up!

The best feature of the trick for me is the┬ápresentational┬ájustification for bringing the pack and the case into contact – an explanation of how precise the box has been made. It really is incredibly clever and completely justifies your actions.

Speaking of card case moves there’s a great card from box idea hidden on YouTube performed by Bebel – I don’t know whose it is or if it’s his originally but its great.

So much to read…so little time!

I am currently going through a British magic magazine phase alongside the JK Hartman revival. Managed to pickup some Opus magazines which are fantastic. The articles are incredible and there’s lots of interesting information and reviews. The magazine seems to have been on the rebel side – honestly reporting on competitions and the state of the magic scene at that time – it’s great reading. Opus looks set to resurrect with Chris Power and JJ attending the EMC – in fact anyone who signs up to the EMC will receive a PDF of the first volume of Opus!