Forte Production – David Williamson

Whilst on the subject of the Bristol Day of Magic (held in Weston-Super-Mere) David Williamson performed and explained a great Steve Forte move which he used as a production of the four aces as the cards are sprung from one hand to the other (the move can be used for others things also). Managed to find a video of David Williamson performing it –

It’s near the end of the clip.


7 Responses to Forte Production – David Williamson

  1. Joe Pecore says:

    Wasn’t that Forte move published in Channel One magazine?

  2. peter says:

    Does anyone know where the other stuff is explained, particularly that move where the card seems to leap out of the centre of the deck?

    • Justin says:

      Not sure where it could be found, if at all. I’m not sure which production you’re referring to. The one where the ace seems to pop out of the deck, outjogged, is Howard Schrecko’s production, and can be found in the Paul Harris books. If you’re referring to the one where he twists his hands and the ace shoots out, here’s a clue: OHTP.

    • Justin says:

      Actually, look up Little Finger Spinner on pg 11 of the second Elmsley book.

  3. peter says:

    I am very grateful for the references, Justin, (though I had realised that the OHTP was involved in the sort of ‘spin cut’)

  4. Leader.of.52 says:

    Spring cards to find 4 Aces … very amazing !!!
    How can I learn this move ?

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