Coloratoura – JK Hartman

This trick is a version of Roy Walton’s “Instant Interchange” from Tale Twisters (also in Vol 1 of course). Hartman’s version eliminates the half pass and my pet peeve with the trick which was the back spreading which I always thought looked unnatural. The effect is that you display a small number of black spot cards and a small number of red. The black cards are given to the spectator and a red card e.g 8 of hearts is placed on top of the black cards which the spectator has. Both packets are cut and with a snap of the magicians magical fingers both packets now change places – the spectator has all the red cards and you have the blacks with the 8 of hearts in the centre – a fantastic effect.

It pains me to say but I think I may prefer this handling over Waltons original – it flows more and his Paddle Plus move is so simple yet incredibly deceptive (I love it when discrepancy or subtlety replace sleights).

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