2 thoughts on “Close Up Card Magic – Harry Lorayne”

  1. It is a very interesting review, but I am not sure that it is a great book. Certainly, Euan (?Bingham) doesn’t think so. IIRC Euan later got into a spat with HL and posted some of the emails on his blog.

  2. Well it is certainly a very influential book. About half of the magicians I come across say it was the book that made them fall in love with card magic. And even now I hear people say it has more commercial, easy-to-do magic than any other book.

    Anyway – I think it was a very good book for the time it came out. Since it compiles alot of great card magic that was floating around back then. And even today I can pick up a copy and find stuff that interests me. Which is all I ask for really – to be able spend an afternoon re-reading a book and know that at least one thing will catch my eye.

    Yeah – I saw some of those Harry Lorayne emails. Amazing stuff. Still – one of the biggest highlights of my magic life has being working through the 2500 pages of the APOCALYPSE reprints. Just a ton of fun stuff in there, and for that I feel I owe Harry alot.

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