J.K Hartman

I first got After Craft and Trickey Treats from the Sheffield Magick Lounge a few years ago. Before buying these books (I did so on the recommendation of a friend) I’d never heard of J.K Hartman before. His name is not one which I regular hear discussed amongst cardmen yet he has some superb materiel and these two books contains a wealth of information. The man himself seems something of an engima – a search online will yield no real information or photographs (there was an interview I came across once but can’t seem to find again). I’ve decided to go through After Craft and comment on any items I particularly like and will do so in a series of posts over the next few weeks. J.K’s first book “Card Craft” is long out of print and I’d love to get a copy – anyone out there sick of their copy and want to sell it?

Control Fake-Outs – Ed Marlo

While I was away I really enjoyed reading Joe’s contributions to this blog. Looking through the archives has made me think about Magician Foolers – see here and here. It reminded me of  a very clever jog shuffle control fake-out from The Hierophant which I’ve been using for quite a while now. Whenever you perform for a fellow magician they can usually follow the control your using and if you really want to fool them you have to do something which they’ve never seen before. The beauty of this Marlo control is that it fools magicians with very basic moves which they have seen before – the secret it that you let them think they are following the moves but really you are doing something completely different.

For example you have a card peeked and controlled to the top then the pack is jog shuffled – the magician watching sees the card cut to the bottom, run to the top and then a jog shuffle begins, however the exageratted injog which marks the supposed location of the card is not cut or shuffled to- instead the cards are squared. The magician watching thought he was following the location of the card and is totally lost when the cards are squared.

For those of you with the digital version it’s on page 30. I tried looking through the hardcopies to find a reference but couldn’t find it – it’s there somewhere.

An impossible location

Most impossible locations are dry in presentation and don’t include a huge amount of participation by the spectator. The conditions under which the card is selected and then lost is the single most important thing if you decide to do this type of challenge magic – it has to be ‘impossible’ and you should appear to not handle the pack at all – here’s a great example of an entertaining approach which seems impossible.

Blog updated

Finally found the time to overhaul the Secret Section and tidy up the Trick of the Month section (which will be starting again soon). As an apology for my poor updates I’ve added a free PDF to the Secret Section – just go in and click the “Trick Section” banner to find an image which links to the file.

The Smith Shift

I’ve always loved Marlo’s Simple Shift from “The Cardician”, however it does require that the cards are inserted into the pack face-up. This is fine as you’d only use it in routines in which the cards to be controlled can be openly known. Al Smith has not only solved the problem of having the cards face-up but also eliminates the need for a key card – he calls it “The Smith Shift” and it can be found in (I believe) his first book – “Cards on Demand”. It’s a wonderful move which I’ve not seen anyone do. I always loved the fairness in the Simple Shift where you push the cards apparently flush into the pack and now with Al Smiths move this same fairness can be used to control a number of cards to the top of the pack facedown. A hat tip to Mr Smith for a great move.

The winner is…..

Hello, at last I am back online and so can announce the much late result from the competition. Quite a few people entered which was nice see, most got the correct answer which was…..Jerry Sadowitz. From those that got the correct answer a winner was randomly selected using the classic names out of a hat procedure. Drum roll please……….the winner is……James McCann! The booklet will be sent this week – enjoy. Thanks to all those who entered, a new competition may be held again soon although this time I hope to actually announce the results within an acceptable timeframe.


Hi all! Sorry for the lack of posts/result from the competition. I’m in the middle of moving and have no internet access at the moment. All will be sorted in the next week or so and posting will be back to normal – got some great stuff lined up. A massive thankyou to Cardmagic10 for posting some excellent things as usual.