Magic Quotes #3


There’s no way that you can put two cards down on the table as one….unless you’re working for people who just can’t see.

Peter Kane

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  1. Peter Jackson says:

    Using Vernon’s fingernail ploy is okay, but only really a fooler if people are looking down/over the table/card(s).

  2. Kevin says:

    I think it can be done. Peter Kane himself routined a repeat sandwich effect designed specifically to overcome this problem.

  3. mr beak says:

    He was wrong.

    1. Kevin says:

      Only if the trick is routined in such a way that there is not much heat on the two cards. If you just openly place two cards in the table at the wrong moment people will be able to see the thickness.

      1. mr beak says:

        I agree with that, you must direct attention away form the card(s). If you said, “I will place one card here” you will fail. Also, if your handling of two cards is natural and ‘matter of fact’ then spectators will not suspect. See Jerry Sadowitz’s material on the on the double deal.

  4. Eric Fry says:

    The action doesn’t seem to be noticed in all those Invisible Palm tricks.

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