That’s right! I’m feeling very generous and thought it’d be fun to have a little competition and give away a booklet as a prize.

The competition is based around the Intros from “Stuff the White Rabbit”, a magic show which ran on BBC2 in the early 90’s. It was, in my opinion, the perfect way to present magic on television – an argument which has raised it’s head again recently with the BBC’s Magicians and ITV’s Penn and Teller: Fool Us.

David Williamson, Rene Levand, Jerry Sadowitz, Chris Powers and Tom Mullica all appeared on the show as did many other great magicians. At the start and end of each episode a small 30 second or so magic sequence is shown. The intro’s consisted of card tricks which produced the title of the show –

As you can see all but one of the intros are actually performed well – it’s almost like they forgot to do them and rushed it at the last minute. The 3rd clip and production is by far the best and the only one which was performed competently. Anyway, the question for the competition is this – which famous magician performs this 3rd production? Is it…

A) David Williamson
B) Jerry Sadowitz
C) Peter Duffie

To enter simply send your answer via the CONTACT form at the top of the page. Of all those that get it right one will be randomly selected and will receive a copy of Al Smith’s excellent booklet “Cards at Bay” (1981).


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