Reference help – Al Leech trick.

I’ve posted before about an excellent Al Leech trick from “For Card Men Only”. Trying not to give anything away, I was just wondering if anyone knew of an earlier source than Leech (1949) for the method he uses with the sandwich just before removing the selection from the pocket?


3 Responses to Reference help – Al Leech trick.

  1. BJ52 says:

    Hey Kevin!
    I don’t know the method in Leech’s trick (because i don’t have this book :D) but i have a trick very similiar of the effect of this trick. A card selected and place between the red King. Another the card selected too, place in the pocket. And one snap they change place.
    Seem to be very similar Leech’s effect.

    • Kevin says:

      Hey, it sounds very similar. The thing I like about the Leech method is the clever way you get he card from the sadnwich.

  2. BJ52 says:

    Hey Kevin !!!
    I recently got Al Leech’s For Card Men Only book. I read it and Leech’s trick is great. And i know that, my trick (I called U.G Transposition :D) totally different handling (but effect is similar). Maybe i can shot a video for my trick.
    P/s: The move to switch in sandwich card is Kosky Switch but Gerald Kosky created later. And I think this move belong to Al Leech.

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