Reference help – Al Leech trick.

I’ve posted before about an excellent Al Leech trick from “For Card Men Only”. Trying not to give anything away, I was just wondering if anyone knew of an earlier source than Leech (1949) for the method he uses with the sandwich just before removing the selection from the pocket?


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  1. BJ52 says:

    Hey Kevin!
    I don’t know the method in Leech’s trick (because i don’t have this book :D) but i have a trick very similiar of the effect of this trick. A card selected and place between the red King. Another the card selected too, place in the pocket. And one snap they change place.
    Seem to be very similar Leech’s effect.

    1. Kevin says:

      Hey, it sounds very similar. The thing I like about the Leech method is the clever way you get he card from the sadnwich.

  2. BJ52 says:

    Hey Kevin !!!
    I recently got Al Leech’s For Card Men Only book. I read it and Leech’s trick is great. And i know that, my trick (I called U.G Transposition :D) totally different handling (but effect is similar). Maybe i can shot a video for my trick.
    P/s: The move to switch in sandwich card is Kosky Switch but Gerald Kosky created later. And I think this move belong to Al Leech.

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