Bad Blackpool review

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Favourite quote –

No way can Convention Organiser, Derek Lever and his band of merry helpers surpass 2011 – but I bet they do.

I bet they don’t.


Magic Quotes #2

A magical quickie is like a sexual quickie.

Jon Racherbaumer

Magic Quotes #1

A magic club has as much relationship to magic as a country club has to the country.

Jon Racherbaumer

Card Fictions – Pit Hartling

This is just a shout out to those of you who don’t own this book to seriously consider buying it. It contains seven effects most of which are pretty easy to do but the books contains great presentational and psychological tips which greatly increase the effect on the audience.

Here’s a clip of Pit performing one item from the book which many of you may have seen before –


Full contents can be found here.


Reference help – Al Leech trick.

I’ve posted before about an excellent Al Leech trick from “For Card Men Only”. Trying not to give anything away, I was just wondering if anyone knew of an earlier source than Leech (1949) for the method he uses with the sandwich just before removing the selection from the pocket?

Blackpool 2011 – Brief Overview

Another year, another Blackpool convention, only this year was easily the worst I’ve ever been to. The social side as always is the best thing, if they ever cancelled the convention a huge number of magicians would still meet there every year. I think the organizers count on this fact. The FISM 2011 European Championships completely overtook the usual convention setup which meant less lectures and a closeup session which was not only shorter but took place on stage with video screens outside. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the championships were of a good standard – the bits that I saw were poor – one act was disqualified for half killing a dove on stage.

The highlight for me was seeing Bernard Billis lecture and also perform in the closeup. His closeup set was superb – I really liked his portable hole effect with aces and not coins. He also had an amazing cards across with 3 signed selections travelling from one packet (the packet was cleanly counted after each ace traveled) and arriving in different parts of the packet held by the other spectator. His lecture was fantastic and included some nice routines. What I thought was really great was that his lecture was not about selling anything like most of them are – he asked anyone if they wanted explanations of any sleights and even explained the cards across after a man asked him to. As usual, a lecture by someone of his technical standard was poorly attended, whereas Jay Sankey was standing room only.

Comedy trick/move title #1

INSERTION SUBTLETY” -Ed Marlo, The Legendary Hierophant.