Hummer Card – Thai Style

I keep seeing magic on my trip where and when I least expect it. A beggar in Bangkok , the challenge being to draw a crowd so they’ll give him some money. No, he wasn’t attracting the crowd by singing or selling little souvenirs. Oh no – he was doing the Hummer Card. He did it quite well and even threw in the little convincers that try and eliminate suspicion to the method. I even saw him offering the card to a couple of people to examine it. I think he counted on the fact that they wouldn’t accept it otherwise he’d have to go hide somewhere and set up again. The really great thing was it was working and it was working really really well. He had a good crowd surrounding him and most of them were giving him some money. Good on him.


2 Responses to Hummer Card – Thai Style

  1. Thats an all ’round incredibly written article!!

  2. Above all, a well written piece.

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