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A few years ago – on THE GENII FORUM – Richard Kaufman posted up a prospective ‘Table Of Contents’ for the upcoming JENNINGS TAKES IT EASY book. I look forward to checking out the book – and hope it will be published soon. Anyway – I thought I would ‘cut and paste’ the information below for those who have missed it. I am sure it has changed somewhat over the years – if for no other rason than that I believe Richard Kaufman will be including the Jennings items from THE CASTLE NOTEBOOKS as well (although some/all of that material may turn up in the next book – JENNINGS TAKES IT HARD).


Forword (Tony Giorgio) Introduction

Jennings Talks About his Early Exposure to Magic

CHAPTER ONE: THE BREAKS History The Left Pinky Break in the Center or Bottom of the Deck Cliff Green’s Multiple Buckle Technique How to Spread Cards and Conceal the Break The Left Pinky Break on Top of the Deck Robert-Houdin’s Method Okashina Dekigoto (Japanese Twisting the Aces) The Buckle Count The Push and Pull The Double Push Off The Thumb Count and Right Thumbtip Break The Biddle Grip Dai Vernon’s Squeeze Break Two Hands One Hand Rescuing a Break (Dai Vernon) Verdnase Break (A Right Pinky Break) To Transfer a Left Pinky Break to a Verdnase Break Erdnase’s Revolution from a Verdnase Break The Jennings Pulldown The Basic Technique As a Glide As a Cut Which Retains the Bottom Card A Brief Yet Ambitious Effect Greek Break Converting a Greek Break into a Pinky Break (The Preferred Readjustment) Dai Vernon’s Greek Break Cut AutoBreak (Lin Searles)

Jennings Talks About the Need for Tools and Practice

CHAPTER TWO: DOUBLE AND TRIPLE UNDERCUT WORK History The Double Undercut with a Verdnase Break 1. From Top to Bottom for a Single Card 2. From Top to Bottom for Multiple Cards 3. From Center to Top (or Bottom) A Wee Equivoqué Four-Card Cutting Control Braue Reverse (Jennings Finesse) The Four Ace Bet Gordon Bruce Outjog Addition: First Handling A Placement Cut The Double Undercut with a Block Pushoff (the Reverse Double Undercut) 1. From Bottom to Top for a Single Card 2. From Bottom to Top for Multiple Cards Method One Method Two Method Three The Double and Triple Undercut Combinations 1. From Center to Top, Top Stock Retained; Also a Multiple Control 2. From Center to Top, Original Top Card to Bottom 3. Top and Bottom Cards Transposed with a Double Undercut Devious Open Prediction Unpredictable Prediction Cheshire Aces Kings Trap Choice Four Kings Trap Three Choices Sandwich sans Roy In Two Places at the Same Time A Magical Appearance The Paradoxically Simple Sandwich Quick Reverse The Simplex Visitor ATFUS (Elmsley/Marlo) with a Verdnase Break: Version One Without Warning! Always Cut the Cards Version One (Ungimmicked) ATFUS with a Verdnase Break: Version Two Version Two (Gimmicked) Gordon Bruce Outjog Addition: Second Handling The Joker Finds a Thought-of Card Placement Cut Collectors Elaborate 21-Card Force Mated

Jennings Talks About the Double Lift and Top Change

CHAPTER THREE: MULTIPLE LIFTS AND MORE History The Hit Minus One Double Turnover The Covered Double Turnover The Covered Triple Turnover The Expedient Lift The Dead Certain Double The New Theory Getready The Vernon Light Lift The Dai Vernon Pushoff (Jennings Fingering) The Larry Jennings Pushoff The Stuart Gordon Lift (Jennings Finesse) The Quick Tip Turnover (Covering Large Multiple Lifts) Quick Tip Count Down Center Double Lift Jennings Turnover Switch A Graceful Way of Holding a Double Card with the Left Hand Uncommon Methods of Getting Ready for the Double Lift First Method (End Over End Turn) Second Method (Pivot and Duck) Third Method (Outjogged Pivot and Duck) Fourth Method (The Long Distance Double Lift Getready) Vanish and Reappearance of a Card Fifth Method (The Gordon Turnover and Isolated Reverse) Unloading One Card from a Double Lift First Method (Sideways Turnover) Second Method: (End Over End Turnover) Third Method: (The LJ Change) Fourth Method (A Two-Card Change) When the Double Card Leaves the Hands First Method: Bounce Double Second Method: The Free-Fall Double New Dual Discovery Third Method: Warp and Drop A Simple, Yet Strong Prediction Fourth Method: Marlo’s Two Card Throw (Jennings Finesse) Ambitious Card Interlude On Transpositions The New Double Double Vernon’s Clean-Up Move The Bastard Son of the King of Hearts Everyman’s Transposition Circus Transposition The Depth Illusion (Original Dai Vernon Get-Ready and Technique) Deep Transposition Deep Transposition II Numerical Aces Plus One to Four Return to 1002nd Aces Version One The Covered Double Turnover as an Add-On Move Version Two The Misdirective Outjog Switch Version Three Version Four The Hofzinser/Leech Switch (with a Verdnase Break) Slow-Motion Five-Card Ace Assembly The Card that Changes in Front of their Eyes Vernon’s Depth Illusion A Mysterious Visit Larry’s Pocket Twins Four Aces and Four Selections The Strange Case of the Unsinkable Ace Version One (Ungimmicked) Version Two (Gimmicked) In Space Version One (Ungimmicked) Version Two (Gimmicked) Remember and Forget-Me-Not Triumphantly Turning Back Time Ambitious Classic Revisited

Jennings Talks About Where to Look

CHAPTER FOUR: THE RELUCTANT PACKETEER (Tricks Which Rely Mainly On False Counting a Packet) History The All-Count Technique The Elmsley Count The Flushtration Count The Hamman Two as Four Count The Hamman Count Finessed Hamman With a Verdnase Break The Simplest Twist Twisting the Leader Underground Oil and Queens One-Hand Maestro’s Poker Demonstration The Grismer Count Eight Damned Queens The Rhythm Count (With Four Cards) The Eye Popper Finesse for Adding a Card to the Face of a Packet The Rhythm Count (With Five Cards) The Final Reset Secret Subtraction with a Verdnase Break The Rhythm Count (With Six Cards) Four Cards All Alike Version One (LJ Multiple Display Sequence) Version Two Version Three Original Uni-Flection Four Cards All Alike: Version Four Four Cards All Alike: Version Five Progressive Assembly for Magicians Only Walton’s Four-Card Brainwave (LJ Finesse) Knoxville Aces Rethought Tilting Through Time False Count As Add-On Twisting the Aces Jennings’ One-Hand Spread/Display A Treatise on Bro. Hamman’s “The Magic Cards” Method One Method Two Method Three Method Four Method Five The LJAC Magic Cards (Method Six) The LJLF Magic Cards (Method Seven) Jennings Multiple Display Sequence O. Henry Gets Jazzed O.J. Aces Wild Card Jennings Style Look—An Illusion! Classic Handling New Handling

Jennings Talks About Flourishes, and Patter

CHAPTER FIVE: AN ASSORTMENT OF TECHNIQUES AND SLEIGHTS History Repeat Indicator: First Exercise in Holding Multiple Breaks The Double Slop Shuffle: Second Exercise in Holding Multiple Breaks The Spectator Peek Overhand Shuffle Techniques New Third Finger Break Magician and Spectator Cut to the Aces Additional Overhand Shuffle Work with the Third Finger Break Overhand Shuffle Jog (Jennings Finesse) Jennings Makes Good The Last Card Erdnase False Overhand Shuffle (Jennings Finesse) Shelley’s Quadruple Coincidence (Mike Shelley; Jennings Finesse) Gordon Bruce False Overhand Shuffle Overhand Shuffle Speller Free-Cut Poker Deal LJ on Vernon’s Weight Guesser Subtractions LJ Unloading Move Elevated Rub A Dub Unloading Technique from a Packet Switches New Grip Hofzinser/Leech Change Version One: A Covered Switch Version Two: A Covered Multiple Top Change The Optical Toss and Two Applications Optical Transposition Red-Black Separation and Mate Location The Silhouette Switch Controls New Peek Control Discrepancy Switch Bottom Placement Four Cards All Alike: Version Six The Alpha Control Faceless Mystery Card Version One Version Two Two Card Control with a Plunging Cut Multi-Directional Simple Shift The Atrocious Bottom Deal Discrepant … See? Stabbed Coincidence Simon’s Business Card Prophesy Displacement (Jennings Finesse) T.K. Change T.K. No Turn New Attempt at Thought-Card Trick No-Gaff Handling of Don England’s Collectors Double-Deal “Drop” Switch Slip Cut Finesse Technique One Twin Peeks Control Technique Two Open Slip Cut Force Two Optical False Cuts The Lazy Man’s False Cut Wrist Turn False Cut Frank Thompson’s EZ Ace Cut Your Palms Between Method One (With Duplicate) Method Two (Without Duplicate)

Jennings Talks About Intimate Close-Up Magic

CHAPTER SIX: ALMOST SOLELY SELF-WORKING History Easy Intuition Simplex Four-to-Seven Locator Dissertation on an Old Trick Version No.1 Version No.2 Version No.3 Version No.4 Version No.5 Version No.6 Smith’s Myth Turns Over Smith’s Pocket Myth Triple Discovery Triumph for the Terrified Two Knowns Equal an Unknown Placement Cut with Verdnase Break Lucky “32” Getting to Nine The Mysterious Spelling Three Number Transposition The Relatively Unknown Location Flush-ing the Relatively Unknown Location Ace-ing the Relatively Unknown Location Impossible Fore-Shadowed Impossible The Close-Up Illusion

Jennings Talks About Misdirection

CHAPTER SEVEN: BIDDLING AND OTHER WAYS TO AVOID PALMING History The Proper Ways to Perform Dai Vernon’s Strip-Out Addition Rapid Transit District (R.T.D.) Aces and Faster Than Light (F.T.L.) Aces The Gentlemen Aces Vernon Transfer Move (Jennings Finesse) DeeVee Miracle Verily Visiting Two Trips to the Hotel Version One Version Two LJ on “O. Henry Aces” Additions Braue Addition Plus Beyond Braue Stolen Braue The D.C.D. Switch The Nopen Prediction (No.1) The Nopen Prediction (No.2) Coincidentally D.C.D. Diamond Cut Diamond Diamond Cut, Plus Jokers Diamond Cuts to Your Pocket Not Biddle, But … The One at a Time Add-On Optical Add-On Slow-Motion Add-On The Transfer Add-On Slip Cover Add On Meta-Ssembly Take and Leave Switch Olde Tyme Aces Add-On Aces Simple Seven-Card Assembly Monarch’s Quartette the Third California Red Prediction Mental Reverse ATFUS with a Verdnase Break: Version Three Multi-Faced Mystery Ace-Faced Mystery Simple Thought Card to Pocket Card to Pocket Move Audacious Collectors Triple Cut Scatter Load Cloudburst Selections

Jennings Talks About Mystery

CHAPTER EIGHT: WALLET WONDERS History The Hundred-Dollar Deck Switch The Devastater Card to Wallet in Full View LJ Wallops his Wallet Walleted Point of Departure Edward Victor’s EYE Count (All-Count Technique) The Signed Envelope The Bevel Top Palm Will-o’-the-Wisp Card to Wallet The Gambler’s Cop A Card Act Various Card Miracles of Your Choice The Card to Wallet Card Warp The Dai Vernon Color-Changing Deck (Jennings Finesse)


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