A Request…

Anybody know if there are any videos online of somebody performing STENCEL’S ACES? I have always wanted to watch a performance. I no longer have the book it was published in – and want to see if the book is worth tracking down again in order to learn the trick. So – if anybody knows of a video – or can post up a video (even if only for a short while) I would really appreciate it…

Anyway – the trick was originally published in the JUNE 1985 issue of ‘Richard’s Almanac’.

As always – any suggestions in the COMMENTS box below. Thanks!

On a related point. Here is an ace assembly by John Bannon which was inspired by Bob Stencel’s legendary effect…


8 Responses to A Request…

  1. william b baggins says:

    If you study the original Stencil Aces you will find all you need to know. It’s impossible to show this in a favorable light with an awful youtube clip covered in music and lacking a personal presentation. Presented here, it is merely a puzzle.

  2. Charles Nigh says:

    Jennings ’67 has LJ’s take on the SA. Very good.

  3. cardmagic10 says:

    Thanks for your input…

    I should add that the following lists another variation (from THE MAGIC MENU) of this effect that I have never heard of before – http://geniimagazine.com/magicpedia/Stencel's_Aces

    Might be of interest.


  4. Cardman says:

    Charles for the win.

    The second version in 67 is the most legit I’ve ever seen. I love the “snapping” idea.

  5. Cardman says:

    If you’d like a demo give me an Email, just in case you don’t have the book

    I do perform this version, but in all honesty Stencil is a lot of this and that for a quick ending. Still great! Alas a tad dull in my opinion.

  6. cardmagic10 says:

    Hi cardman,

    I have decided to purchase a copy of JENNINGS ’67. So – no need to send me a video (thanks for the kind offer though), since it will be more fun learning the effect from scratch.

    Anyway – I used to own a copy of JENNINGS ’67 – but I sold it awhile ago when I was short on cash. It has being so long since I read it that it will feel like I am reading it for the first time…

    Thanks for all the responses!


  7. Cardman says:

    My pleasure. You will enjoy your new tome. I wish Kaufman did classic Magic of JennnIngs. Horrible book. Great mind and effects.

  8. Zach says:

    I’m a HUGE fan of Stencel, and some of my mentors were very close to him when he was here in Michigan, that’s why I got into the trick.

    Stencel’s Aces is an iconic routine, and very much so for its time… Bobby came up with is during World War 2, and first in print in Richard’s Almanac in the 70s.

    Bob was all about advancing the art of magic and sharing, and unfortunately there will never be another Bob Stencel… RIP. I’m told there were rumors Vernon had a slow motion assembly, and was holding back…so Bob released his like a I’ll show you mine if you show me yours kinda thing. I mean, this is the trick that got Vernon thinking and pushed to release Slow Motion Aces!

    …And this is a trick that nobody does, but everybody hears about, but nobody has seen.

    …Talk about a perfect open for the boys at a convention!

    If anyone knew Stencel, or is a fan of the routine, please contact me, I’d love to chat with you!!

    All my best,


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