A couple of books…

I am still working through CARD MAGIC USA (compiled by Peter Duffie). It is a fantastic ebook. Easily the best ebook I have ever read. There is a ton of interesting stuff – but I am too lazy to give an overview. Still – I have already added on trick to my repetoire (which is something I rarely do). And you can read the table of contents HERE. I have never seen such an impressive line up of talent in a book…

The other book I am really enjoying is SECRET AGENDA by Roberto Giobbi. I seem to be exactly half-way through it at the moment. And it is just wonderful. I am really happy that a book like this is being published. I have always loved books such as THE DALEY NOTEBOOKS, THE JUDAH NOTEBOOKS, THE CASTLE NOTEBOOKS and THE HILLIARD NOTEBOOKS – where you can dive in and pull out the one idea which is worth a thousand dolars to you. And this book is reminiscent of those books (in spirit at least since the Giobbi book is much more detailed and wide-ranging). Anyway – I feel this book opens the door to a new genre of magic book. I mean – what could be better than an expert like Roberto sharing an interesting tip, trick, quotation or sleight each and every day for a year? It is like a magic blog from heaven or something…

Anyway – I hope more books in this genre are produced in the future since I find them incredibly useful. In fact – it is the type of book that I have always wished would be written since so many of the best ideas in magic are just small tips/thoughts that you pick up over the years. To see this sort of thing collated in one place is incredibly useful. Indeed – this is something that David Ben wrote about in his brilliant essay that I mentioned EARLIER. There is no better feeling than to stumble across that small idea which is gold to you, and which will probably be overlooked by others. On a similar note – Roberto Giobbi has an innovative product for sale at Lybrary.com which will be of interest for those who have enjoyed this book. Click HERE.

Also – you should all be aware that the best blogger around – Ruben – will be detailing his thoughts on the Giobbi book over the coming year. Like the book itself – the blog had my highest recommendation. Click HERE.

Wow – 2011 is shaping up well in terms of new magic books! Also – looking forward to the new Berglas book as well…


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