Ace Greenberg

If you check out some of the older magic books that were written by Richard Kaufman – you will see the publisher listed as ‘Kaufman and Greenberg’. Later on it became ‘Kaufman and Company’. Anyway – the Greenberg refers to Alan ‘Ace’ Greenberg who is something of a legend in banking circles. He started at the bottom of Bear Stearns bank and worked his way to the top. Where he then spent 25 years as CEO of the company. So – a very interesting guy…

Here is what Warren Buffett said about him:

“Ace Greenberg does almost everything better than I do – bridge, magic tricks, dog training, arbitrage – all of the important things in life.”

Anyway – I bring this up just so I can mention the following – from his wikipedia page:

In 1998, Greenberg was the subject of a 999-word profile in People Magazine that trumpeted his $1 million donation to New York City’s Hospital for Special Surgery to underwrite Viagra prescriptions for financially needy, impotent men.

How cool is that?


2 Responses to Ace Greenberg

  1. Dave Jones says:

    I had lunch with Ace Greenberg and Simon Aronson at Fechters convention. He’s a lovely man and great company, so his generosity here doesn’t surprise me. I suppose Viagra users are pleased to avoid the stiff charges!

  2. cardmagic10 says:

    I guess one of the nice things about magic is how people from such different backgrounds can mix on the same level. For instance – Allan Slaight is a multi-billionaire. But – if I ever met him the only thing I would want to chat about would be his brilliant work compiling Stewart James’s ideas.

    I should add as well that Alan Greenberg has a lovely subtlety for use with the thumbtip in the SEPT. 2001 issue of GENII magazine.


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