I still can't work out if I like…

…Bro John Hamman’s TWO CARD TRICK. It is a very interesting effect – but also quite confusing.

Still – it is a trick worth investigating.


3 Responses to I still can't work out if I like…

  1. Cardman says:

    I always think straight to Horse Sense. To me they are the same basic effect. Yet, Horse has a higher impact while also adding a bit more of an impossibility, and very straight forward.

  2. cardmagic10 says:

    There’s a blast from the past… I remember when I first played with HORSE SENSE that it reminded me of the thinking behind THE TWO CARD TRICK. And then – years later – when I started becoming interested again in THE TWO CARD TRICK, I totally forgot about HORSE SENSE. I need to play with that trick again…

    Big thanks for jogging my memory!


  3. TheArtistOnceKnownAsCardman says:

    You bet! I’ve found this to be a reason to carry a small set of odd backed cards.

    A little Horse Sense. A little Traveling Man….good times. No funny stuff on introducing the cards …nice and open.

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