Mathematical Principles…

I have always taken an interest in the various mathematical principles which can be applied to card magic. Admittedly the magic is rarely spectactular – but it is nice to have different tools to play with. And I really enjoy the elegance behind some of these principles. Also it is fun being able fool yourself with tricks using them…

Anyway – this sort of thing pops up in different places. But – for me – the best resource is available (for free) online. Click HERE and enjoy Colm Mulcahy’s excellent work in this area. I should add as well that Colm details a few principles that I have never seen discussed elsewhere…

Also – the latest post from his column isn’t yet archived with the rest. So click HERE to check out the entry for December 2010.



2 Responses to Mathematical Principles…

  1. Peter Jackson says:

    Colm’s article is good, but terribly incomplete; as is the McTier book – Card Concepts. And, I think its worth noting how Paul Gordan can bring life to his math-based tricks from Explorations and The 16th Card Books. Great books and stunning magic…in Paul’s hands.

    • Paul Gordon says:

      Dear Mr. Jackson,

      Kind words. Yes, imho, The 16th Card Books (esp. vol. 2) do/does contain some killer stuff; especially when you see – aside from myself – the line-up of 23 top contributors. Btw, I’m Gordon, not Gordan.

      Cheers, PG

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