Ricky Jay

I love this from Ricky Jay. Anyone who can take a dull trick like ‘The Ten Card Deal’ and make it this much fun is a genius. You can definitely see David Mamet’s influence on Ricky here…

And – any mention of David Mamet makes me want to give a shout out to my all-time favourite film. Check out ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ – it is just incredible. Below is my favourite scene from the film…


2 Responses to Ricky Jay

  1. Fred says:

    A bit off topic, but wasn’t “The Magicians” on BBC1 to-night terrible?
    It did not do a lot for Lenny Henry and even less for his guests.

  2. cardmagic10 says:

    I didn’t have high expectations to be honest. In the end – I ended up watching a film on another channel, and only caught about 5 minutes of the show. What I saw looked even worst than I would have imagined. I am not sure if the show was broadcast live – but it would be a mistake if it wasn’t since that is the least you can do when performing magic on TV. Think about ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ – part of the fun (since it is live) is knowing anybody could mess up at any moment. If you knew before the show was broadcast that any big mistakes had being edited out – it would remove the tension from the show…

    It is very difficult to do magic well on TV. I think David Copperfield, Derren Brown and David Blaine have done well at it over the years. But – the only one that I really loved was STUFF THE WHITE RABBIT. A great show focusing on close-up magic. Again – I feel close up magic works better on TV than the bigger stuff since it feels more ‘honest’ with fewer ways of ‘cheating’.

    Also – I think Lenny Henry is a really nice guy. But – I don’t find him funny, and his over-the-top enthusiasm makes me feel like I am watching children’s TV…


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