Jack Carpenter

Jack is a great guy. I don’t know him – but he seems like a really great guy when I see him on his DVDs. But – more importantly he is a genius when it comes to inventing card tricks. I mean seriously – the guy is nuts. He seems like one of those people who can invent 3/4 great card tricks a day. Insane levels of creativity. He has excellent sleight of hand skills as well – and a great voice! Sorry if that last compliment sounds gay. But I love his voice!

You should also know that he regularly posts video clips on YouTube under the name Snappyhands57. For me this is the best thing on YouTube. Often these videos are ideas that he is currently working on – as such it acts as a record of how creative he is. Anway – I want to link to one of my favourite clips. It was also featured on his latest DVD.

He currently has 60+ videos on his channel. So check em’ out…

PS I just found out he has a new book in the works from Stephen Minch. I can’t wait. In the meantime you guys should check out EXPERT’S PORTFOLIO. A really great book (it is in my personal top ten) and everyone I have heard talk about it agrees…


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