Jim Swain

I am a huge fan of Jim Swain’s work. His books are among the very best I have ever read. Anyway – that isn’t what I want to talk about. Instead – I want to pass along this performance from YouTube. I really like the friendly laid back gambling expert persona that he has. To me it seems more casual and intriguing than the usual ‘needy’ persona adopted by some magicians. More importantly though – I want to point out a lovely little flourish that Jim performs at the 8.45 mark. I have never come across this before but I think it is one of the prettiest flourishes around (as well as being one of the simplest). Another nice thing about the flourish is that it doesn’t spin off into a onanistic frenzy of hand movements – as it popular today. As such it isn’t an ostentatious display of skill – instead just something pretty to look at. I am sure this is the approach that Johann Hofzinser took as well. Anyway – sorry if this flourish is ‘old news’ for you – but it was new to me. But then I don’t get out much…

Check it out – 8.45


2 Responses to Jim Swain

  1. bill says:

    8 mins before anything happens? sorry Shite!

  2. cardmagic10 says:

    Cheers, Bill!

    Yeah – I forgot to point out that the performace runs on over a couple of other videos on the YouTube page (for those interested). I also forgot to point out the 6/7 minutes of introduction at the beginning of the video. It slipped my mind since I just wanted to point out the nifty card flourish…

    Take care,


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