Gambit No. 2

I just finished reading the second issue of GAMBIT magazine by Benjamin Earle. I never read the first issue of this magazine (although BlendoMagic does review it elsewhere on this site) – so I am a bit late coming to the party. Anyway – I was really impressed and will definitely be buying future issues. David Williamson contributes a lovely trick which allows you to do an effect which is usually done with gaffed cards. The method is both sneaky and quite difficult. There is a lovely idea from Benjamin Earle for controlling a stack of cards when the spectator shuffles the deck which made me smile as well. I also enjoyed the small idea that Benjamin passes on for an ingenious riffle sacking display. It makes for a lovely bluff…

Elsewhere in the magazine Benjamin shares his thoughts about OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND. It seems he is not a fan of this Vernon ‘classic’. Well – to be honest I am not as well. And I was glad to see someone else express this opinion. I think there are better THINK-A-CARD routines around and certain aspects of the Vernon effect are quite weak. Such as possibly ending on a double lift – or having to have the spectator confirm the card is still in the deck just moments after they have looked at it.

Anyway – I applaud Benjamin for expressing his views here since alot of magicians seem to be afraid of criticising the ‘classics’. And whilst on the subject I should say that two of the better handlings for OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND are by Roy Walton (in MAGIC magazine) and R. Paul Wilson.

I hope the next issue will follow on soon and the delays of the past have being dealt with. There is a real lack of card magazines around these days, and it is great to see a good one come along.


3 thoughts on “Gambit No. 2”

  1. I had mixed feelings about Gambit 2. I never got around to obtaining the first one, so I didn’t really have any preconceptions going in (both negative or positive, as the reactions run the gamut). I think I’ve decided that I lean more towards liking it, but there are still a few qualms I had.

    You are right though, that Williamson trick kicks ass. Glad to see he’s still creating. And I am wholeheartedly enjoying the Shape Shuffle. Upon reading it, I was not convinced. But after a bit of practice, I must say the illusion is striking.

  2. Yeah – The ‘shape shuffle’ is very good. I forgot to mention it in my review since I already have some false shuffles that I am happy with. But nevertheless the ‘shape shuffle’ is a useful addition to this area.

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