More Memorized Stacky Stuff…

Following on from my previous post:

I appreciate your input here ‘cardman’ – I think A STRAIGHT SHUFFLE is a great idea for use in a memorized stack. It only requires a set-up of about 10 cards and is far more entertaining than most GILBREATH PRINCIPLE type effects. A STRAIGHT SHUFFLE is one of the few tricks I have ever invented (although Walton beat me to the punch by a couple of decades), so it is funny I never thought of that myself. Of course – I am tempted to get all ‘Tamarizy’ here since it shouldn’t be to difficult to reset a deck which has only being given one face-up/face-down riffle shuffle in order to then keep the memorized stack in play a bit longer.

Anyway – useful food for thought. If nothing else I could combine A STRAIGHT SHUFFLE with a nice Nick Trost trick I like and then stack it altogether to make a nice memorized stack. And then just stick to the mostly ‘stack-independent’ memorized deck effects. Maybe also chuck in a progressive speller as well if I am going to have the whole deck stacked anyway. I am surprised at how much simpler this whole task is shaping up to be. Anyway – I will see how it goes. A part of me is still tempted to try and put together something fiendishly clever…

One last thing. If cardman is reading this. Could you please provide more detail as regards your recent post:

I guess all I’m really saying is something like Marlo In Spades, with legit memorization. Like Robot, but with more variety on a level of “magic” than all game based.

I am confused by this. Is there a trick called ‘Marlo In Spades’? I have the ‘Marlo In Spades’ book and I couldn’t find any tricks in there under that name. Am I overlooking something obvious? Cheers!


2 Responses to More Memorized Stacky Stuff…

  1. Charles Nigh says:

    You will find it in Cardially yours.

  2. Charles Nigh says:

    You will find it in Cardially Yours.

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