Pit Hartling

For some reason I never got round to buying CARD FICTIONS by Pit Hartling when it first came out. So – I have decided to buy a copy, and I am going to save it until Christmas day. I am sure most magicians do something like this. A big part of Christmas is getting excited about presents – and the only presents that excite me are magic books…

Anyway – you can read more about the book HERE.

But – more importantly the same site gives a preview to the contents of the book. This also includes a free download of one of the essays in the book. It is an essay called ‘Inducing Challenges’ and it is the most important piece of magic theory I have ever come across. It is the type of thinking which could improve your magic ten-fold. Indeed – I always consider the ideas in this essay whenever I am working on a new trick.

It is just such a useful tool…

Anyway – do make sure you check out the free download over HERE.


2 Responses to Pit Hartling

  1. Justin says:

    For some reason, I’ve put off buying this book as well. I do, however, own his Little Green Lecture Notes, and they are fantastic. Pit is one of the best. I’d also recommend the video he did with the Flicking Fingers. I don’t own the Fingers book, but it has a great reputation.

  2. Eric Fry says:

    Regarding credits, I’d say that Charles Hopkins’ “Outs Precautions and Challenges” covers some of the same ground.

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