A crowd gathers – magic from Laos.

Travelling is hard. There’s no way I could have kept this blog running at the same time, which is why I would like to once again thank cardmagic10 for the flood of excellent and stimulating posts – I am indebted.

There have been many chances to perform for fellow travelers but none to really practice. I tend to stick to the classics I know well which is always a good idea – simple, strong stuff. An amazing thing happened a couple of weeks ago which I thought was worth sharing. I was traveling with two French Canadian girls at the time who had watched me doing some magic before. We were playing cards in a bus stop in southern Laos when a crowd began to form around us – happy to stand and watch us play. One of the girls suggested I show them some magic. I was apprehensive as they speak no English and I wasn’t sure how well it would be received. After some gentle persuasion I decided to give it a try. What happened next was crazy.

I thought it best to stick to simple things which required no language – some colour changes and an in the hands sandwich effect. The reactions ranged from stunned silence to one women screaming and punching me on the arm in disbelief. Not only that but the entire bus station had stopped what they were doing and gathered around in a huge circle a few people deep. I was shocked and didn’t know when to stop as there were so many people. After doing the same couple of effects for a few groups of people I said I was sorry and that that was the end. We resumed our game of cards but it took 10 minutes for all the people to disperse.

My friend took her camera out to get some photos but some Laos people believe that a photo captures a piece of their soul so as soon as it was out they were turning away and angrily waving their hands. She did manage to get one through which shows me and a few locals.

This whole experience really made me realize how magic can transcend the language barrier.  I’d love to hear any stories you guys may have of performing in foreign countries…


3 Responses to A crowd gathers – magic from Laos.

  1. cardmagic10 says:

    Hey Kevin,

    What trick are you performing in that photo? I can’t work it out…


    • Kevin says:

      Hey Joe,

      It’s just a basic sandwich routine where the card visually appears between the “slices of bread”. I was standing so just had it appear by waving the sandwich cards over the pack under the pretense of ilthe selection rising to the top. It fails but when tried again “appears” between the sandwich cards.

  2. cardmagic10 says:

    Cheers, Kevin! I hope you enjoy your travels – the UK is locked down with freezing weather at the moment. So make hay whilst the sun shines!


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