Dai Vernon Psychological Stop…

Small tip – Jack McMillen mentioned this to Paul Chosse. When doing this trick have the spectator deal the cards. For some reason this was never mentioned in EXPERT CARD TECHNIQUE.


4 Responses to Dai Vernon Psychological Stop…

  1. Justin says:

    Giobbi has some great psychological touches on the spectator dealing. Very much worth checking out.

  2. Michael Landes says:

    this is not Vernon’s. It’s Jack’s. Ask if anyone has EVER seen Vernon do this. He never did. Jack did it hundreds of times since the early thirties. Showed it to Braue about 1934. What you mention is not just a tip, it is essential.

    • Derek's Dingle says:

      Essential to making the trick as effective as possible? Yes. Essential to make it work? Absolutely not.

  3. michael landes says:

    I will re-phrase. Jack himself did not consider this detail optional. I specifically asked him. Nor did he merely believe it made the trick more effective as an effect. Rather, he felt this was at the heart of the psychology that made the trick work. He never did it any other way and would never consider it. He spoke at great length about the psychology of his trick. This is worth at least considering. And consider this:
    Yes, Jack was not crazy, he had an out, a great one. But Jack performed this trick regularly from the early thirties until his death in 1990 and he NEVER had to resort to the out. Ultimately the important point is not that this is the way the trick was actually done for Braue. That’s just history. The important point is that
    in Jack’s hands this trick was 100% reliable, 100% success over hundreds of trials. If you are equally confident of an alternative approach, by all means use that.

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