Smart People…

…Do Card Tricks!

This is my attempt to surprise Cardman who I know is a big fan of Carl Sagan (as any smart person should be). Well – it turns out Carl’s son grew up to be a card guy (as can be seen above). He is also the author of some very interesting books. I will recommend the following – Notes from the Holocene: A Brief History of the Future since Dorion uses card tricks (such as Vernon’s THE TRICK THAT CANNOT BE EXPLAINED) as metaphors to try and communicate his ideas. You can also find lots of interviews with him on YouTube if you want to hear more about his books…

The only other guy I have seen use card tricks in this way is Daniel Dennett (my favourite philosopher). He makes use of Ralph Hull’s legendary THE TUNED DECK in a discussion on The Free Will Problem. It turns out – according to Dennett – that the word ‘the’ is very sneaky in these cases. You can read more about it HERE.


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