Some links…

Okay – time for some housekeeping…

Here are some magic blogs that I really like.


– A long time friend of this blog. The blog covers quality card tricks, life and art in general… Also – for those who missed it – don’t forget to check out his MODUS ON WALTON which is from his old blog.


– This is a great new blog which is only a couple of weeks old. It covers card magic and the guy has already pointed out some great effects which are ‘buried in print’. I also love the Hitchock design which is used on the blog. It looks great – thanks to PasteboardPimps for the pointer.


– I really love Steve Bryant’s Little Egypt Magic site. It is witty and intelligent. And it has being online for the past 15 years. In ‘internet years’ that probably makes it about 50 years old. It is the first place I visit each month and I would strongly recommend it to you all.

Anyway – Here is a nice piece that was published back in 1997. It is an interview with Peter Duffie. Click HERE.

And here is a sneaky Ken Krenzel card control which was taught on the site as well. Click HERE.


– A lovely blog from a bookseller/magician called John Helvin. He is a smart guy and has an interesting take on things. I found the following two items from his blog particularly worthwhile. [He is spot on about Walt Lees. His work is excellent.]


– Written by an intelligent card guy whose books I have enjoyed in the past. Hopefully he will post up more of his ideas in the future.


– David Britland is a brilliant creator, historian and writer. But for now I will just point out some interesting stuff from his blog.

Before I do – I should add that the last link is a wonderful mentalism effect which I could see Derren Brown using on one of his TV shows. It is one of the strongest pieces of mentalism I have ever come across…

Anyway – I would love to hear about any other interesting magic blogs. So feel free to mention any in the COMMENTS box below.

Also – does anyone know how to access I used to enjoy that blog – but cannot access it anymore…


5 Responses to Some links…

  1. KiKeNiCo says:

    Wow!Some nice blogs there!Happy Birthday RSS!.
    The Phantom was always a must (you can still access his rants through, I really miss it…Some sites to take into account, our friend Roland’s Weekly Magic Failure, funny ranting but clever insight there, and the marvelous Erland’s Ye Olde Magick Blogg (, with some great posts and essays there and in the former site ( The cool Bizzaro has a nice blog too ( Furnit is also a classic magic blogger, along the aforementioned Phantom (, new blog,, former work.).
    The thing is, my RSS is full of magic blogs, but most of them are, sadly, long time dead. Will take a look around and see if I can link some interesting posts among these deceased sites.

  2. Paul Gordon says:

    MY blog ranges from grumbles/moans to product/lecture plugs and from advice/thoughts/tips/stories to free tricks. See

    Paul Gordon

  3. Cardman says:

    That’s very kind of you sir.

    I should work more on the “Modus”. It was really fun to just add a few thoughts without exposing. I have so much respect for those two volumes, as you, I can’t begin to express.

    The newer blog has been fun too. I’ve enjoyed the journal theme with no real single topic with random thoughts.

    Anyway. Hope your having as much fun with magic and life in general as I imagine you do.

  4. Cardman says:

    PS. Smiling Mule has always been a bit of an enigma. His videos showed his excellent skills, then would dissapear. Just like the man himself.

  5. Justin says:

    Thanks for the shout out, man. Glad you like the Bottom Palm.

    I’ve been following your blog for forever now and I enjoy it immensely. You have kickass insights and a knack for discussing material that is woefully undiscussed elsewhere. Same goes for all the blogs you’ve mentioned.

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