Inner Secrets Of Card Magic

This is from IBIDEM – Issue 20 – May, 1960 – Page 103

Lin Searles speaking about DAI VERNON’S INNER SECRETS OF CARD MAGIC by Lewis Ganson:

“I have volume one of Uncle Dai’s Just-So Stories, and what the hell do you say when some jackass louses up a legend? I don’t think it is Vernon’s fault, as I am sure he has the material, but I think he has made a big mistake in allowing Ganson to do the writing. Does Ganson think we are all so poorly informed or stupid—or is he simply naive? Or hasn’t he done his homework?”

“I still can’t believe that Vernon would have picked that particular material for a book.”

“The book will get rave reviews in all the mags because you don’t dare pan Vernon and because the book has pretty pictures and Ganson has somehow got the rep for good magical writing.”

PH Lyons: “The second Vernon card book is now out, and of course, it is as good as the first was disappointing. Let us hope the progression continues as indicated.”


By the way – IBIDEM is a really great magazine. I have read dozens of different magic magazines over the years and what makes IBIDEM different to me is that I am never finished with it. It is almost frustrating in a way – but I am continually discovering new things that I had previously overlooked. Part of that is due to how dense the magazines are. There are very few illustrations – and alot of the material is heavy. One of the reasons for that is due to the massive amount of material that Ed Marlo contributed to the magazine…

There are plenty of other contributors as well. It is a who’s who of 1950’s/1960’s card magic. It is often said that a book can give you a lifetime’s worth of pleasure. Well – that is certainly the case with IBIDEM.


2 Responses to Inner Secrets Of Card Magic

  1. Dan Ramsden says:

    I like Ibidem too – lots of good stuff from Stewart James and Martin Gardner in it too. If you join the MCA you can currently get Ibidem: The Complete File for $80 – which might be of interest to someone.

  2. Cardman says:

    I don’t understand where they are coming from.

    One is saying it’s written poorly, and another hinting that it all stinks to a degree, but we dare not say so.

    If you can go in and understand what to do from top to finish, what’s the problem? I dare say some items in their nature of leaving a little open, gets us to experiment.

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