Darwin Ortiz Essay

I have being asked to take down the Darwin Ortiz’s essay. I am happy to do so and apologise for not checking with him earlier…

Anyway – his essay called ‘NEXT BOOK SYNDROME’ is well worth checking out (as is his book – DESIGNING MIRACLES). I have seen the essay floating around the internet – but it can also be found in the MARCH 2006 issue of MAGIC magazine. Darwin mentioned it may be reproduced in a future book. I feel the essay deserves a permanent home – so I think that would be a great idea.

I congratulate Darwin on such an interesting essay. It sparked a discussion over at the GENII FORUM and I thought I would end this post by linking to it. The Ortiz discussion kicks off half-way through the thread. Here is the LINK.

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  1. Justin says:

    Jesus, what a great essay. Ortiz knows what’s up.

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