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There is a promising new blog HERE. I am linking to a post which talks about ‘the pointer principle’ (ie one way cards – but using the faces and not the backs). In the post Jeff points out how this principle has fallen from use in recent times.

It is interesting how these things come and go. Many a time it seems the ‘hot new thing’ is just something old being rediscovered by a new generation. I love the old books. But I guess alot of magicians don’t since alot of great ideas fall by the wayside to only then pop up again as the ‘latest and greatest’ – a few decades later. And for $25 a pop. This was the case awhile ago with Paul Vigil’s DIPLOPIA effect which made use of the ancient ‘clocking the deck’ principle.

Anyway – apologies for the ramble. I just want to pass along a sneaky idea by Harry Riser. When using the ‘pointer’ principle in an effect for a magician – use a one-way deck which is jumbled up with the backs of the cards facing in different directions. Hopefully this will suggest to the spectator that the ‘one-way’ principle is not being used. And hopefully that will throw them off the scent as far as the ‘pointer’ principle is concerned. Often a magician will check to see if one-way backs are in use without really considering one-way faces. Lazy thinking I guess…

I should try and talk about Harry Riser sometime. I got into his work about 3 years ago. A very clever guy – with some really sneaky ideas…


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  1. Cardman says:

    Treble Trouble. Vol 2

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