Magic As Misdirection?

There is a great Richard Vollmer effect buried in APOCALYPSE magazine. In fact – considering how creative Richard is there will be many more as well…

Anyway – the effect I want to mention is called ‘Lazy Man’s Invisible Back & Front Palm’. It is in Volume 9 Issue 9 (on page 1253) of the magazine. This effect was later varied by Harry Lorayne and published in a couple of his recent books. You can see a thread discussing the trick over HERE.

The nice thing with the trick is the swindle aspect of it. You openly place the 4 aces on top of 4 piles of cards – and then a few moments later the spectator actually forgets you did this.

It is a blend of ‘time misdirection’ and using the magic of the next effect to misdirect from what you previously did. I really like this self-referential aspect to the misdirection ie. using an effect to misdirect from the method used in the next effect. I am no mathematician but the notion has a kind of recursive quality to it. [NOTE: There is a funny ‘easter egg’ hidden in the GOOGLE search engine. Do a search for the term ‘recursion’ and you will find it.]

Anyway – I recently discovered another example of this sort of thing. Check out THAT SINKING FEELING by Peter Duffie. It appears in the booklet called OBSESSION (1992). It is used in an effect which is different from the ‘cutting the 4 aces’/assembly effect that Richard Vollmer detailed.

I think this approach to constructing card tricks is novel and different. I hope you do too…


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  1. Justin says:

    Just read this effect. Hot damn is it good. I hope Vollmer releases some sort of collection at some point…

  2. cardmagic10 says:

    You know – I have never read a bad trick by the guy. Very creative. He is on my list of excellent creators who seem overlooked. David Britland, Bill Simon, George Sands, Scott Robinson, Larry West, Tom Daugherty and L. Voz Lyons would be others. Lewis Jones used to another – but that has being corrected thanks to the SEMI AUTOMATIC CARD TRICKS series by Steve Beam. The series is very popular and Lewis’s work in there is often the highlight of the books…

  3. Justin says:

    Most definitely agree with all of those guys. Especially Scott Robinson. In fact, I like going through the Trapdoor and finding a lot of overlooked gems. Easily one of the best, most overlooked publications ever.

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