A Useful Procedure To Know

An old Ed Marlo idea. He uses this in a DIAMOND CUT DIAMOND effect buried somewhere in ‘The New Tops’ magazine. I later saw it described by Gregg Webb in one of his brilliant magazines…

Have an ace (say the AH) on the bottom of the deck as a key card. Have a card selected and cut the deck for the return of the card. The AH is now above the selected card.

Say you need the 4 aces for this effect. Run through the deck and withdraw the AH from the deck and throw to the table – at the same time you cut the selected card to the top of the deck. Run through the deck again and throw out the other three aces to the table…

That is it. The idea here is that in any effect involving a 4-of-a-kind and a selected card, you can use this procedure to save you the bother of having to control the selected card to the top of the deck. This throws off any magicians watching (and makes your magic look cleaner).


3 Responses to A Useful Procedure To Know

  1. good one, that is actually very helpful in that routine that I got. Kudos to you!

  2. Cardman says:

    I may be loosing my mind due to lack of sleep, but I think this ploy has been used a few times with hofzinser ace prob.

    Depends on the plot, but to me selection to face up deck is kind of weak if your just taking out four cards you “should have” before a selection is made. A different story if it’s a random batch like Lie Detector. That’s just me.

  3. jco says:

    Marlo used a similar strategy in “Think, Touch Turn”, also from the New Tops. Have the Ace of Spades at the top. Have a spectator select a card. Put the deck in RH in position for OH shuffle and pull off about 1/4 of the cards w/the left thumb. Have the selection returned on top of these (thus on top of the AS) and shuffle off the remainder of the RH cards. shuffle to centralize the AS and selection. Cut AS to face of deck and show it, remarking that you’d like to perform an interesting exhibition w/ the aces. Spread thru and as you find each ace, split the spread there, show the ace and transfer it to face of deck. When you’re all done, you’re ready to remove the aces and the hidden selection.

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