A Trick By Roy Wlaton

The ASK ALEXANDER archive is an amazing resource. Recently I was using it to find variations on John Bannon’s DISCREPANCY CITY PREDICTION. This is a brilliant idea which will fool you when you first play with it. Along the way – I came across a lovely idea by Norm Houghton. He suggests using the Bannon idea as an ‘out’ for when you try (and mess up!) the Dai Vernon ‘PSYCHOLOGICAL STOP FORCE’. That is a gem of an idea…

On a sidenote I should mention that my favourite use of this idea is by Jack Parker. In 52 MEMORIES there is an excellent version of the HOFZINSER ACE PROBLEM which makes use of it…

Anyway during my research I came across a trick by Roy Walton. Or to be more accurate – Roy Wlaton. I was really pleased about this since (due to the misspelling) it was one that hadn’t come up in previous searches. The trick is called TRAVELLING LADIES and can be found on page 93 of the DECEMBER 1987 issue of THE LINKING RING. It uses the Bannon idea to give an effect similar to Walton’s ROUND AND ROUND (from Vol. 2 of THE COMPLETE WALTON).

For me – there is nothing better than having your favourite creator make use of one of your very favourite ideas…

And to think I nearly missed it because Walton’s name was spelled wrong.


6 Responses to A Trick By Roy Wlaton

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  2. Rob says:

    I’d really appreciate a tip on how these two effects mesh… I just cannot get my head around how the Bannon routine can be used as an out here…


  3. cardmagic10 says:

    Here you go:

    When you spread out the cards to remove your predictions,note the 7th card from the top. Say it’s the 4H. Remove and toss on the table, face down, the other three 4s. Arrange them in a packet, 4D on bottom. Start dealing the cards face down from the top of the deck, alowly. When you have dealt five, say casually, “Stop me whenever you like.” Usually, a spectator will say stop on the seventh card. If he does – Miracle!

    If not – then deal their card face down on top of the 3 face down ‘prediction’ cards. Now – double lift the top two cards to show a 4. Then turn the packet over and do an Elmsley count. This will show 3 more 4’s along with the face down card. To finish – turnover the face down card to display the final 4.


    Let me know if this isn’t clear enough…

    All the best,


  4. Justin says:

    Very cool, man! Bannon hit on a wonderful idea, as have you.

  5. Rob says:

    Thanks very much for the explanation. It’s a nice concept!


  6. cardmagic10 says:

    Just to be clear – the idea belongs to Norm Houghton and not me!

    Anyway – it is a lovely idea. I have ‘THE WIT AND WISDOM OF NORM HOUGHTON’ and I feel it is a shame that this idea was never included in there…



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