Best Trick Ever…

…using the Down/Under deal?

I hate this move as much as the next guy. But – I think there is at least one good trick which uses it. Check out Peter Duffie’s A BRAINSTORM IN GLASGOW. You can find it HERE. At the site – you will need to click on the FREE TRICK section. The elegance of the interlocking principles brings a smile to my face…

[Thanks to Blendomagic for the invitation to help out on the blog. It should be fun.]

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  1. TheArtistOnceKnownAsCardman says:

    Sherlock Never Married (also Duffie) is quite lovely I think. The format works well, being it feels as if the spectator has most of the control.

  2. Paul Gordon says:

    Al Smith has a clever “rationale” for the down/under – deal/duck concept. He relates it to the Noel Edmunds T.V show, “Deal Or No Deal”. Good, eh!

    I have a few effects in my books using it. With pace/energy, it doesn’t have to be boring!

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