Magic People and Places

A nice 30 minute Radio 4 show about magic. Click here.


One Response to Magic People and Places

  1. Vincent O'Brien says:

    Brilliant! I enjoyed that. Cheers for the recommendation. I liked David Williamsons comment about magic not happening for the spectators eyes but in their mind. It makes you appreciate the magic shops and magic community’s that are still around, like the excellent Sheffield Magick Lounge!!! As a thought I think the instant accessibility of magic e.g. downloads can be good however I think it prevents creativity and practice to an extent. I also think that more magicians should focus on practicing their art and read classic texts ( in fact read more in general!!) rather than buying the latest downloads, after all they are classics for a reason. This would prevent the boom in ‘youtube’ magicians, apart from a few amazing performers, the majority of them are just their to expose and imitate with their shoddy and un- practiced handling. I’d like to hear the opinions of others on these matters.

    Right, back to the card table…..

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