Utterly Wild

Peter Duffie’s “Born to be Wild” from Inspirations has been a favourite of mine for while. I too didn’t like the fact that you had to go the deck at the end to show the final card. Well this new release solves this problem! Complete with new opening sequence (I sometimes use a sneaky Charlie Miller idea to set up the cards instead), this trick is simply brilliant and is the best non gaffed version of Peter Kane’s “Watch the Ace” I’ve seen.

Available from Peter Duffie’s Website


8 Responses to Utterly Wild

  1. KiKeNiCo says:

    Well…Am I the only one who thinks this performance is just so-so? Couple of dubious, stiff moves here, couple of confusing, artificial gestures there…Not very neat: highly suspicious and very polishable in my opinion.

  2. Joe Mckay says:

    I love the original trick – and really like this improved version as well. However – I think the trick looks better if you ditch the Mexican Turnovers. Only one of them is needed for the method – and the others are thrown in to confuse magicians. Personally – I prefer not to do that.

    Perhaps that will help make it look cleaner for KiKeNiCo?

    Great blog!


  3. jerry sadowitz says:

    I also use ” a sneaky Charlie Miller idea to set up the cards” which I have using in my professional shows for the last six years, including a performance in front of 2,500 people at the Kings Theatre, Glasgow in 2009. The full routine is now in print in my magazine The Crimp, which goes out to very few people in order that sites like this don’t give away absolutely evrything that I have.

    • blendomagic says:

      Firstly, I don’t know your routine. Secondly, it’s not exactly difficult to realise that the idea in question lends itself to this sort of routine – I’d never read it in a wild card effect before but quickly realised it’s use in this trick. All I did was mention that I use this as an alternative way to set up Peter Duffie’s trick. I fail to see how I’m giving something of yours away to anyone.

    • Donny says:

      You are far, far too paranoid Jerry. Get over it and let magicians buy your material so they could enjoy your fantastic magic. All you continually do is give ammunition to magicians to talk bad about you. And, quite frankly, I am a big fan but you are wearing down my patience.

      We even had a friendly e-mail conversation until you found out –because I told– that I was American. Get over it Jerry, and realize that YOU are the one responsible.

    • Secrets Merchant. says:

      How are people meant to credit your contributions if you make it impossible for people to know about them?

  4. Bill says:

    Great trick!

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