Gordon Bruce – The Lecture 08/07/2010


Yesterday I returned from a magic pilgrimage in Sheffield to witness the legendary Gordon Bruce.  It was a fantastic night. The turnout was excellent and by the time I got there it was standing room only.

I’d never seen him before and had only heard from other magicians just how good he is and how brilliant he was at lecturing – I was not disappointed.

The lecture started with him performing a mutli-phase routine involving aces and kings  – several routines merged together. He explained afterwards that the routine was a lesson is what not to do in card magic – too much was happening – ask a spectator afterwards what happened and they have no clear idea of the effect. This is a great lesson and one that it definitely worth remembering – keep it simple and make sure the effect is easily understood.

The lecture continued with great funny stories involving Ed Marlo, some brilliant Okito box routines and some more amazing card stuff (versions of the travellers and riffle shuffle palms, card through handkerchief – all great stuff ). He continually fooled the room with his card on card case routine – it was genius. It was during the explanation of this routine that it hit me why this man is considered a living legend and how lucky I was to be there.

Days beforehand I’d been scouring through Pabular magazine and other books searching for his material and hoping to get the opportunity to ask a few questions about certain moves etc. Me and couple of other magic friends managed to speak to him briefly afterwards and he came across as genuinely nice guy who was happy to demonstrate a few things. He also completely fooled me with a great two card selection routine – just to cap off a great night.

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  1. George Woo says:

    Will there be a DVD available ?

    1. blendomagic says:

      No don’t think so. There were no lecture notes either.

      1. George Woo says:

        Thanks! Does Gordon Bruce have any lecture or performance DVD’s ?

      2. blendomagic says:

        As far as I know – there are no DVD’s of him available.

  2. Donny says:

    Can you elaborate on the travellers routine he performed. I have been researching the effect for quite some time, and most methods simply use different palms and other strategies that don’t necessarily improve upon Vernon’s original.

    So if you could elaborate I’d really appreciate it.

  3. It is when I read articles such as this that I realise how lucky I am to know the likes of Gordon Bruce. I envy you experiencing his performance – and lecture – for the first time. I wish I could do it again!

    Regarding printed matter and lecture notes, if you look hard enough, there are some out there. You might need to try H&R Books and eBay but have a look. Also, check out the aforementioned Pabular as well as Peter Duffie’s eBooks and Five Times Five Scotland.

  4. Paul Gordon says:

    I’ve known Gordon for many years. He’s attended a few of my lectures in Scotland and is always kind, generous & courteous. We’ve shared a few laughs, too. Very funny chap. Great magical stories. We both attended the “last get-together” of Jack Parker’s a few years ago. Very sad day. Anyway, a GB book would be great… PG

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