Whatever happened to Gambit?

Sixteen months since the Blackpool release of Ben Earl’s “Gambit Magazine” and we are yet to see another issue. This is somewhat overdue! There was one update to the website (which no longer seems to be working) apologising for the lateness of the second issue, but nothing more has been posted. Anyone have any more info on why the magazine stopped?

I got the first issue and thought it was ok. I was dissapointed by the large amount of poor comedy filler (especially with an asking price of £10!) but a couple of the effects were quite nice. The best thing for me was the rant at Jerry Sadowitz. Earl published Jerry’s brilliant “Named Card Triumph” routine on his Past Midnight DVD set with no credit at all (except at the end of the third disk). In the comeback to Jerry’s tirade on his website, Earl states that the credit was cut from the footage. Even if this were true, he still never sought permission from the originator to include it anyway!

If you create a variation of someones routine which is sufficiently different from the original then I think a credit is all you would need to include (e.g. this is based on blah blah blah’s routine from blah blah blah). If however you contribute a minor handling variation to a routine and intend to publish it, then you should get the permission of the originator as the teaching of your “variation” will also explain the original. This applies to all magic, not just this specific example.

Anyway, just curious as to the reasons why Gambit seems to have vanished…