A nice find


I stumbled across these two videos the other day which I though I’d share. The first routine “Going Spotty” is an original routine by this uploader which was published in the Crimp Magazine (if anyone owns this particular issue I’d be grateful for the guys name)-

The sound quality of the clip is awful (actually the next clip is exactly the same) but I think  the trick is performed very well and would be very baffling to a lay audience.

This second trick, performed by the same person, is a version of Roy Walton’s “Split Up” which is found in Vol. 2 of the Complete Walton (what do you mean you don’t own this book?……BUY IT!)

Again, brilliant trick performed really well. This just goes to show that not all the magic videos on YouTube are terrible – there are little gems hidden amongst the huge pile of rubbish.

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  1. Joe Mckay says:

    His name is Jaap Scherpius. A very smart guy. The YouTube channel also includes a link to a puzzle page which he runs. It shows a strong sense of creativity which stretches beyond just the world of magic…


  2. Cardman says:

    Hoooo rahhhh!

    Faith in humanity recharged.

  3. 7I7IE7 says:


    Have A Nice Day

  4. Thanks for showing my tricks, and for the kind comments.

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