8 thoughts on “Macabre Card Warp”

  1. This is Eugene Burger’s presentation, for the most part spoken word for word exactly as it is written… starting on page 95 of Eugene Burger’s The Experience of Magic.

  2. Thanks people. Still, a little nod to Roy would have been nice considering it’s his method. Patter is brilliant though.

  3. Hello all,
    I know I’m late to the party and I don’t know if anybody will even check this thread again but for the record, I’m the guy in the video. The script I used is Burger’s from Experience of Magic and I’ve used it happily for years. I’ve had no shame using it as is. I change scripts if I feel I need to but if I enjoy them as they have been given and I genuinely feel they resonate with me then I’ll use them. I am also an actor and different actors have to perform the same scripts all the time. That doesn’t take away from the performance. And yes, Burger did give me permission to use his monologue on this web series.

    As to why Mr. Walton was not credited…? Well, in this day and age of magic secrets being so easily available to the public I thought it would be disrespectful to let a lay audience know what the name of the effect was for that could lead to an easy web search and exposure. And exposing Mr. Walton’s effect is not something I aimed to do. Also giving credit on the video would cause the Youtube search to pull up every video that has the words “Walton” and/or “Card Warp” on it. Which will invariably result in a video of someone exposing or “teaching” the effect making it even easier to accidentally expose the effect to a member of the public. Mr. Burger has performed this piece numerous times live and on TV and apart from the credit given in his book, at no time does he say, “By the way this is Card Warp by Roy Walton.”

    These videos are meant for the general public and not solely for magicians. If they were solely for magicians I’d have no worry giving full credit as it is due. That kind of information sharing is vital to magic, I believe. But as of yet, I don’t know how to give credit for a video meant to be seen by the non-magic public on the world wide web, to the satisfaction of all magicians, without risking exposing the effect to all non-magicians.

    One day when Youtube allows for that, I’ll be very happy to do so.

    Christian Cagigal

  4. ….I just looked again…sadly it looks like what I was hoping to avoid has happened. Ah well. Exposure reigns supreme. At least I know I did what I could.


  5. Christian you’re obviously on the clear. This is not a magic publication, no idea why should you credit someone while doing a performance video. Even if asked by Walton to credit him you should’t, this is a video for laymen not magicians.

    Ethics are great and I’m all for it but if too much it can be a bit silly.

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