DaOrtiz on Victor

Just found this clip – Dani DaOrtiz performing a very visual four of a kind change using Edward Victor’s change. Great to see it being used.

He’s Back

Andy Hall – YouTubes greatest old school cardman has uploaded a couple of new videos for us to enjoy.  I love watching his stuff – no finger flicking juggling nonsense just good solid card magic that speaks for itself. Thanks Andy – keep em coming.

Bob Irons'- One Riffle Shuffle Stack

A very popular topic amongst cardmen and one which I’ve dipped into a few times over the years. Highlights for me include JerrySadowitz’s system from “Thanks to Zarrow” as well as “MajorDalby’s Brag Stack” from The Crimp (this stack allegedly brought a tear to Dai Vernon’s eye). The nice thing about Dalby’s stack is that you don’t really need to look…