Time Flies

Can’t believe its been a week already since the Blackpool convention. Had an amazing time and got to catch up with some great people. The line-up this year was poorer compared to previous years but most of the funs to be had socializing in the bar anyway.

Highlight was David Williamson’s close-up sessions – hardly any magic but immensely entertaining. He chose random children from the audience to help him in the act and he handled them brilliantly. At one point he wrapped a child up in a blanket and carried him across to Mark Mason’s table!

The saddest point for me was the fact that John Bannon’s lecture (which was amazing) was barely half full whereasYigal Mesika’s “Loops” lecture was standing room only. Never had time for loops myself – cleverly structured card magic had more appeal for me than the Dangling Bill. Oh well I guess those people missed out.

Saturday night was great – Bebel was performing downstairs in the Ruskin and he had the crowd constantly applauding. He’s a very relaxed handler – with almost no tension at all and his misdirection is spot on.

I stupidly performed Roy Walton’s “Simple Maths” for him – needless to say not the best trick to do to someone who hardly speaks English! Lesson learned!


2 Responses to Time Flies

  1. Cardman says:

    Glad you had fun.

    Key is I’m sure even with the language barier he appreciated your efforts.

    Sure you’ve seen it. But “Why Am I Here” in Chronicles is a rockin good time, much like Simple Maths. Damn thing still kinda fools me even though I know how it works. It goes against magician logic somehow.

    • blendomagic says:

      Where I live there’s no real magic scene and none of my friends are into magic so spending 4 days with people who enjoy exactly the same thing as you do is great. Bebel did have a translator though who explained it to him afterwards. My friend did Sadowitz’s “Ace, Two..King” (one of my favourite tricks of all time) to him and fooled him badly (enough to ask to meet him later on). I think it was the double back sequence that got him – you’d swear the last one was a double backer but its not.

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