Jefferson's Jest

I did earmark this for a Walton Trick of the Month but I can’t wait that long. I have a terrible habit of glazing over effects which require anything other than an ordinary pack of cards and am ashamed to say I did this when I read this trick in Walton Vol 1. I skim read but never bothered to try it out – boy I made a big mistake.

On a recent visit to the Magick Lounge in Sheffield my friend Vincent O’Brien had not committed such a sin and showed me the trick – a selected card vanishes from inside a small transparent envelope just big enough to accommodate the card. The card is inside the envelope and sandwiched between two red aces – the aces are spread and the envelope is now empty. The only drawback is that in the original description you have to make an excuse to tap the sandwiched packet onto the deck – however with lapping this doesn’t need to happen and I think this makes the trick a lot stronger.

Thank you Vince for putting me onto a winner.

Found in the Complete Walton Volume 1 page 75.


7 Responses to Jefferson's Jest

  1. cardman says:

    “If I were asked to pick my favorite effect out of this book this
    particular one would be my choice”



    • cardman says:

      PS. Don’t feel alone. I think most Walton type do that all time I’d think, or can’t read more than 1/4 of a David Regal book for same reasons.

      My big one was skipping Traveling Man many times. Now I carry 4 extra cards, or a different color deck most all the time. I asked my girl one day “what is your favorite effect I’ve ever done after so many’?

      “The one you somehow palmed those red cards out of the blues that one time, and put them in different parts of each pile”

  2. Joe Mckay says:

    I love TRAVELLING MAN. However – I would recommend checking out CLEAN-SWEEP THOUGHT PENETRATION which was published in the OCTOBER 1995 issue of MAGIC MAGAZINE. It is an effect by Jon Racherbaumer (and some of his friends). It is a great effect and well worth tracking down. It is very similar to TRAVELLING MAN and just as creative. It is also easier to do which is nice as well. Personally – I often find a Turnover Pass quite difficult to pull off with a small packet of cards…


  3. Cardman says:

    I’ll do that. Appreciate the recommendation.

  4. Dennis says:

    Hey guys thanks for this recommendation,” Jefferson Jest”. I’ve got the Walton Books and I’ve had some great effects from them, but a do find, Walton, hard to read at times, especially this trick. (I Know I need more experience reading magic) Could you help me and guide me to anyone who has performed this trick, please. just so I can get the jist of it?

    • blendomagic says:

      I’m not sure how you could have trouble with it really – just follow it with cards in hand – it’s pretty straight forward.

      • Dennis says:

        Thanks for your reply, But i do find some of walton hard to read, but, I’ll take your advice and follow slowly.
        I have had no problems with Dave Campbell’s (Legacy) or Jack Parker’s material. sadly though, i have to admit that am not bless with a brain for reading.
        Just want to dive in to his Books . i will do slowly but surely.
        Anyway your site is great do look forward to your update. You do push my boundaries in magic. Thanks

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