Walton on DVD?

Interesting thread on the Genii forum –

Click here

Unfortunately it’s not good news. It’s funny to see Paul Gordon expressing his knowledge of Jerry Sadowitz’s work – after all he must have ripped it off from somewhere!


2 Responses to Walton on DVD?

  1. Joe Mckay says:

    Ah! Forget the DVD. The important issue is the THIRD volume of THE COMPLETE WALTON! Why is this being delayed??? I used to hear rumours about it – nowadays, it seems to have drifted into something that will probably never happen.

    This is such a shame…


  2. blendomagic says:

    The elusive 3rd Volume…one can only dream.

    An instructional Walton DVD is probably not for the best but just some footage for historical purposes would be nice I think.

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