Thanks to Leech

Just wanted to give the heads up to a brilliant effect by Al Leech from “For Card Men Only”, 1949.

The trick, called “A Transposition” is brilliant. The seven of clubs is placed in your pocket and the two red twos removed from the pack. Spectator selects a card which is sandwiched face down between the red twos. With a snap of the fingers you remove the selected card from your pocket and the card between the twos is now the seven of clubs.

The handling is very efficient and there’s a cleanness to the trick – the spectators see the back of a face down card between the twos the whole time and it seems like there’s no way the card could have changed.

Another gem from the book is “Elusive Jacks” which is a nice trick where the black and red jacks keep changing places. This is a book which is definitely worth tracking down if you can find it.


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  1. BJ52 says:

    @cardman i think this link is dead. What’s in this link? book or trick about transpo effect of Al Leech?

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