51 Faces North

I found this recently and thought it might interest some. One of Stewart James’s solutions to the “51 Faces North” trick. The trick, originally by Paul Curry (The Open Prediction) was revamped by James who gave it several ridiculous conditions which led him to create this.

I’ve read some nice solutions to the Open Prediction, one by Marlo (I forget where now) and the other by Jerry Sadowitz in The Crimp Magazine (Issue 52).


Here’s someone performing one of Marlo’s methods (badly but it’s the best I could find)


5 Responses to 51 Faces North

  1. cardman says:

    I still like mine the best. I can’t fathom it not being published and or thought of in the past. Still I have yet to find where. The part that bugs me the most is the card selected being in a sea of cards. I’ve read many versions in the James Files etc.

    Anyway without being too exposing it’s like this. I somewhat apologize if this really “is someone’s”. I came up with on my own….and it’s really not rocket science but works well.

    Deck is shuffled. Second card is peeked (OP). Turn top card over. Take two as one. Deal a few down on card”s” on table. Then say something like “On second thought, you deal them down and stop when you feel blah blah”. They should follow suit and stud dead being the cards are face up on the table. When they deal the card they feel appropriate face down. Draw attention to the cards not dealt. While they are doing such ample time to “milk build” if you will the top and bottom. I make a large motion in taking “the card” to hide any…well you know. Stud turn over. Clean up obviously to put the “card” on the stack and your clean.

    Like I said the method is near nothing. But it works to the beat. The only “sketchy” part flies by even with the worst heat. For myself the card chosen should be held as one, and not piled into a mess of the whole deck.

    Something to play with anyway my friends at DD. Again if it is someone else’s I would like to know myself, and by all means delete these words.

    • blendomagic says:

      Cheers Cardman. I like the method – it’s simple, very clean and does the job. Loving the cryptic method writing. I’ve never been happy with my “milk build” but things like this give me an excuse to work on it. Btw – I’m glad you’re hitting on “JM”, selling single moves has annoyed me for ages, it’s even worse when they hype it up like idiots. That control is nothing more than a minor variation of Vallarino’s – only the switched card is left in the hands rather then dropped onto the table –

  2. Joe Mckay says:

    My favourite version is on the second volume of ‘Malone Meets Marlo’ DVDs. This may be the same Marlo solution that you couldn’t recall in your post. Another nice one which uses stooges in a sneaky way (due to the construction – there is no way you would think a stooge was being used in this trick) is described in ‘Carbon Footprints’ by Paul Gordon. It makes clever use of Mike Powers’ PM Principle, and it may even have being described on the recent thread to do with the PM Principle over at The Magic Cafe…


  3. Joe Mckay says:

    Another sneaky one was described in the first volume of SEMI AUTOMATIC CARD TRICKS by Steve Beam. The interesting thing here is the method does actually meet all of the conditions set out in the original FIFTY ONE FACES NORTH plot. It requires a bit of nerve to pull it off though.


  4. Joe Mckay says:

    One last thing! The Marlo version I mentioned is the same as the one featured in the YouTube link on your post. I should have checked before posting!


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