The Magnetized Cards

Once again I feel I must mention the genius of Edward Victor – this time we look at his solution to the magnetized cards trick. In the previous post on Edward Victor I included a photo which shows him performing his magnetized card effect. What the photo doesn’t show is that his hand could be turned completely upside down and the cards (approx 24 of them) would remain in position. What I like about this version compared to the others is that it uses no gimmick at all! This is a sleight of hand method only.

Although somewhat tricky to start with, once you’ve got the hang of it the trick is very easy to perform. In light of the fact that the setting up of all the cards happens in front of the spectator and that in order to hide the secret you would have to turn away from them for the first few cards, I prefer to just do it openly and present it more of a balancing stunt than a mystical magical effect.

“The Magnetized Cards – (Sleight-of-Hand Method)” can be found in the Magic of the hands trilogy.

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