Dani DaOrtiz

I’ve only fairly recently discovered Dani DaOrtiz after looking through some YouTube videos. He’s funny, original and highly entertaining as these clips will prove. He’s kind of like a  cross between Tamariz and Lennart Green and I really feel like those of us who only speak English are missing out on some excellent effects and ideas just because we can’t read spanish (DaOrtiz publishes a magic magazine – ElManuscrito).

Have a look for other videos of him on YouTube – they’re great. This is the sort of stuff that should be booked for closeup at Blackpool.


6 Responses to Dani DaOrtiz

  1. Joe Mckay says:

    Dani DaOrtiz seems cool. He did a DVD with Christian Engblom which looks very interesting. It is available from alot of magic shops and I am going to pick up a copy next month. It is called QUE RARO.

    All the best,

    Joe Mckay

  2. blendomagic says:

    Check out his Matrix Restored – it’s fantastic. I think this clip might be from the DVD you mention.

  3. Joe Mckay says:

    He is great. I think the Tamriz/Green description is vey accurate. He takes the best qualities of both. But – he is too good! Makes me feel depressed…

    He is gonna’ be a star.


  4. Tony T says:

    The matrix routine using a card is not on either of Daortiz’ DVDs (Fat Brothers or Que Raro) but it is available at his site as a video download which is in English.

    There are also PDF books in Spanish which I have purchased and then used a free online translation application to get it into English. Since it’s an app and not a human doing the translation there are some ‘rough spots’ where the Spanish expression just doesn’t translate into English. However it’s enough to get the idea behind the effects and work through them.

    While most competent performers appeal to me, there is something about the Spanish school of magic that gets to me. Of course Tamariz, Levand, Carrol and others have always been high on my list, but Daortiz is not only a performer but a serious student.

    He is carving out a reputation by publishing as well as performing and has attracted some big names to support his projects (Tamariz, Green, Giobbi). If he doesn’t follow through on his promise to make English products available, I’m going to have to learn to speak & read Spanish in order to continue my studies of his material.

    • blendomagic says:

      Hi Tony,

      Thanks – hadn’t thought of using translation software – great idea! I know what you mean about the Spanish school – they almost have their own style. Roy Walton material will give you endless hours of enjoyment – you’ve just discovered the holy grail of card magic.

  5. Tony T says:

    BTW – while I have known of Roy Walton for years, only recently have I begun to study his work. Again another performer who has published more material than I could possibly get to in my lifetime.

    And material that are legitimate workers!

    I look forward to visiting this site often………..

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