Face the facts? – Rubbish.

This is a classic example of confusion not being magic.

“How many face up cards?” “How many were number cards?” “How many were picture cards?” “What was the picture card?” “What colour are the cards?”….and there a face!- for a start there are way too many questions.

I like the surprise ending but think the routine is poor. If you’ve bought this try and think of a better way to use the gimmick than this. If you haven’t bought it, don’t, unless you can think of a better way to use the gimmick.


One Response to Face the facts? – Rubbish.

  1. awhan says:

    at the very beginning he says its an observation test … so the instructions are clear .. the objective here was to confound and confuse the audience and only then does the kicker in the end hits the hardest… the spectators are all prepped up for sharp observation and then even after careful observation they think how the hell could they miss that face card … so the magic really is the ending which is not confusing at all.. the confusing questions at the begging are appropriate in this presentation i think…

    personally i don’t like such stuff but i think the “confusion is not magic” is misapplied here.

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